Funditec Becomes Member of the Iberian Association of Photocatalysis (AIF)

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Funditec is a new member of the Iberian Association of Photocatalysis (AIF). This association aims to pool and put in contact companies and research centers that provide photocatalytic construction materials, with the aim of implementing the concept of The Photocatalytics Island within the large polluted cities.

The main objectives are to enumerate the different trades linked to photocatalysis and list the existing or potential applications of photocatalysis, prepare a professional manual, determinate recommendations and control certifications of the applications, support research projects and sign agreements with public or professional organizations that are able to develop a photocatalysis project.

Funditec Advanced Materials department has an extensive experience in the design of photocatalytic systems based on Ti, Zn, Sn and W oxides, both at the laboratory and pilot plant levels, as well as photocatalytic technology for water and air treatment and the conversion of CO2 into fuel and/or energy.