Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials and Processing Technology

We do applied research to anticipate market needs. By doing so, we create new materials and improve properties of existing ones. Our long expertise in the field of advanced and green materials allows us to offer a wide range of technological solutions customised for our clients’ needs adapted to each sector.

Green Processes

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We design chemicals and new chemical processes to deliver environmental concerned solutions to the industry. Our applied research aims to obtain alternatives to hazardous substances while reducing waste and energy consumption and preserving performance.



Depending on the application needs solutions can be offered. We perform developments in the design, synthesis, manufacturing of new materials based on polyamides, polyimides, polyesters, poliurethanes, together with bio-based materials such as PHA and PLA.



Our surface technologies hold developments in paints & varnishes, edible inks and functional inks. We are seeking to unveil paints and varnishes to protect valuable assets. We also work to deliver safe edible inks into the market. Functional inks are to be applied in printed electronics.


Our research in catalysis enhances the creation value in our customers’ pipelines. Ensure an efficient use of new and recovered raw materials in the production of chemicals, polymers and materials with embedded nanotechnology. Challenge for the industry: provide chemicals based on cost effective solutions.

Materials for Water

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We enhance properties of materials used in traditional water management operations. The range of solutions goes from synthesis of ceramic membrane materials that increase efficiency of liquid and solid phase separation to polymeric membranes for gas and liquid phase separation.

Materials for Energy

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Innovative, well-performing and cost-competitive advanced materials for energy storage and harvesting in order to achieve higher energy efficiency and produce low carbon energy.