Welcome to Funditec
Foundation for Development and Technological Innovation
Welcome to Funditec
Foundation for Development and Technological Innovation
Welcome to Funditec
Foundation for Development and Technological Innovation


We believe in technology research as an indispensable element to promote training, job-generation and a more sustainable society

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We believe in knowledge management to achieve services that widely enrich society

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For us, mutual trust among our team members and partners to tackle present and future challenges

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Funditec was founded in 2003 with the aim to support and collaborate with public administration, companies, technology and research institutes as well as universities in the fields of innovation policy development, cooperative projects and support to SMEs with the aim to promote technological innovation. Its activities were centered around four main pillars: territorial instruments, social innovation, awareness raising, and business innovation. More information here.

What we do

The Foundation for the Development and Technological Innovation – Funditec – is a private non-profit organization located in Madrid. In 2018, Funditec changed its business model from policy making and social innovation to R+D by the creation of two strategic lines: advanced materials and cybersecurity.

Today, Funditec plays a key role in the value chain of technology development offering sustainable and secure R&D projects to its industrial clients and partners according to current economic and societal needs. Nowadays, Funditec’s expert team has more than nine years of experience in the technical execution and management of projects with a track record of more than 40 R&D projects.


Funditec relies on a team of experts comprised of engineers, chemists and scientists with hands-on experience and accustomed to work in both our laboratories and at the client premises. Funditec accumulates more than 15 years of experience in technical execution and project management.





Our mission is to offer applied research and technology services in the field of advanced materials and cybersecurity that can improve the benefits and sustainability of our clients.

We aim to be a well-recognized partner that acts as a bridge between academia and enterprises, providing the best technological solutions to our clients, from both industry and other entities.

We work to promote innovation to our partners through talent, compromise, dynamism, confidentiality and customer orientation.

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