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EDU-CODE: Fostering Coding Education in Europe

Financial Framework: Erasmus+
Overall Budget: n.a.
Period: 2015-2017
Fields: Education, Informal Training, Coding, Capacity Building, Training Platform, Adults Education
  • Enhance the understanding of a hype-connected world and environment through increased knowledge of software and coding;
  • Empower people by increasing their capacity to solve problems, work in teams and think analytically;
  • Develop a training system to provide adults with the basic knowledge of computer programming;
  • Promote an active and conscious usage of IT tools in households.
Target Groups: EDU-CODE is mainly aimed at those adults and young adults (over 20 years old) with at least a secondary education level and who are currently not engaged in formal educational paths independently if they are working, seeking for a job or inactive on the labour market. They do not have previous knowledge on coding. Special attention will be paid to those with fewer opportunities, whether these be educational or geographical. The participants will acquire technical and transversal skills that increase their capacity to solve problems in technology rich environments and improve their curriculum, increase their employability or support their families and friends in the use of ICT tools.
  • EDU-CODE Training Plan: The EDU-CODE Training Plan describes the aims define aims, methodological/pedagogical framework and the contents for the training platform.
  • EDU-CODE TRAINING PLATFORM: The EDU-CODE Training Platform is the place where you can acquire basic knowledge on computer programming and coding.