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LOGIC IMPLANT – Technology-based improvement of SMEs logistics

Financial Framework: CECOT
Overall Budget: 141.000€
Period: 2006 – 2007
Fields: Business Management, Technology Development, SMEs Competitiveness, Textile Sector
Objectives: LOGIC IMPLANT was conceived out of the need identified by textile companies to streamline their production processes in order to increase their competitiveness in the global market. To achieve this, Funditec collaborated in the articulation of this initiative and in the identification of specific needs for each firm seeking to implement technological tools for the enhancement of their production processes and logistics, and subsequently increasing their international competitiveness. The result of the project was an increase on the competitiveness of participating companies and improved production and logistics systems.
Target Groups: Textile Sector SMEs
  • Technological Analysis of Logistic Processes in SMEs
  • Logistic Process Modelisation
  • Definition of the Evaluation Methodology
  • Evaluation of the logistic process
  • Implementation of the methodology in SMEs