Funditec Participates in Sustainable Innovations Europe Workshop at IE Business School

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On the 21st of October, IE Business School organizes a workshop entitled Sustainable Innovations Europe. During this event, Lara Valentin, PhD, from Funditec will present innovative solutions in the field of sustainability.

Sustainable Innovations Europe at the invitation of IE Business School Green Week, organizes a dynamic workshop joining representatives from six different sectors of the economy: SMEs, large industries, research institutions, NGOs, universities and public entities. Each of these representatives will bring up a real problem they face in this path of change so that Workshop participants develop practical solutions to these problems. By these means, all attendees understand a wholesome comprehension of current challenges and how we can tackle them.

More information and registration here.

Objective: The intention of the workshop is to bring together existing Madrid Green Leaders with the global IE students so that they may share approaches, exchange best practices and provide feedback in order to establish a shared mindset for leading a green future.