Fighting the good fight – FUNDITEC against breast cancer

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Today on the 19th of October it’s “International Breast Cancer Day”. 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. It’s much less common, but the disease also affects about 1 in 1.000 men.

In our aim to contribute to a better society the Technical Development department at Inspiralia, more precisely the materials group (one of three areas of specialization, the others being electronics and computational engineering) is involved in a breakthrough project “HYPOSENS” with ambitious targets to:


  • Substantially improve in-depth diagnosis.
  • Develop more effective treatment of breast cancer.
  • Significantly decrease the diagnostic costs associated with metastatic breast cancer progression.
  • Improve the general lifestyle and well-being of both the cancer patients and their loved ones.
  • Take a step forward in cancer progression prognosis by eliminating the procedure SLNB currently used in breast, vulvar, colorectal and gastric cancer, pelvic and renal tumors (via the use of different tumor-targeting moieties).


The research carried out is focused on the development, pre-clinical and clinical validation, and industrial demonstration of a unique all optical cancer prognostic system that will determine the presence of cancer cells in the breast lymph nodes and characterize them, which correlates with the presence of metastasis and bad prognosis.

The project is currently at its 2nd year and will end by November 2019.

For more information on this project please visit the project homepage or contact FUNDITEC’s coordinator Dulce Muñoz.


Don’t forget to check your breast regularly, at least once a month, for any changes. If you need some guidance and tips on what to keep your eyes open for here’s a good infographic on the topic.