Research areas

Our main areas of knowledge are focused on meeting market needs and establishing a series of technological processes and the creation or improvement of advanced materials. Our main objective is to find viable and personalized technological solutions to the needs of our clients adapted to each sector.

blockchain funditec


We provide trust and automate transactions between entities and devices in hybrid environments, ensuring data integrity and traceability.

Business person logging in to his laptop

Digital Identity

We provide confidence to your processes of identification and authentication of people and devices for all types of online transactions, preserving privacy.

inteligencia artificial funditec

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

We bring cybersecurity to AI/ML processes and apply AI/ML to cybersecurity.

química y materiales funditec

Chemistry and materials engineering

We develop new functional materials to improve performance, through their design and the use of new and efficient processing techniques.

economía circular funditec

Circular economy

We address technological solutions that allow the remediation of contaminated effluents, the recovery of by-products and waste, in order to maximize their recycling or reuse.

Transición Energética funditec

Energy Transition

We provide new materials that advance the transition towards clean processes and energies both in their generation, storage and in their use in industrial decarbonization.

alimentación y salud funditec

Food and health

We offer solutions to comply with a healthy diet based on three fundamental pillars: natural, nutritious and functional.

alimentos funcionales funditec

Sustainable functional food

We reduce food waste, encourage the use of food surpluses and promote the innovative use of agri-food by-products.

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