We identify technological and social trends and translate them into innovative technological solutions. We are very active participating in the Spanish national R&D&i programs and in the different European funding schemes We believe that innovative ideas are created together and, therefore, we work collaboratively with other research centers, companies and public bodies.

Main projects

The project PataFEST aims to preserve the health of potato plant against its emerging pests and the quality of the final product.

Generation of predictive knowledge for the early detection of anomalies in industrial manufacturing processes.

Research on DLT technologies for prototyping a Platform for the interoperability of invoiced documents

Creation of value-added chemicals from bio-industrial CO2 emissions using integrated catalytic technologies

New lignocellulose fractionation process for the recovery of lignin, hemicellulose and high-purity cellulose in value-added products

Production of advanced chemicals from biogenic CO2 emissions for bio-based circular industries

Innovative photocatalysts integrated in flow photoreactor systems for the direct conversion of CO2 and H2O into solar fuels

Smart integration of local energy sources and innovative storage for a flexible, safe and profitable energy supply IN industrialized islands

Next Evolution of materials and models for ocean energy

Next Evolution in Materials and Models for Ocean energy

Optimizing seal friction through laser texturing of mold surfaces

Demonstration project to test the techno-economic viability of the use of algae for the treatment of saline wastewater from the food industry

Nanoconfined photonic system for detecting spread of breast cancer to lymph nodes