FUNDITEC adds 4 new European projects, in addition to being responsible for the coordination of one of them

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Madrid, 26th of July, 2021 – Funditec starts the second quarter of 2021 with the incorporation of four new projects with European financing to its portfolio. These are CO2SMOS, FRACTION, NEFERTITI, and, lastly, CATCO2NVERS, of which Funditec is also responsible for its coordination. It is the first time that the Madrid-based technology center leads a European project of this size and therefore represents a great achievement For these projects, Funditec collaborates with entities from all over Europe and the topics they cover are various.

The main purpose of CATCO2NVERS is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from bio-based industry through the development of five innovative and integrated technologies based on three catalytic processes. On the other hand, CO2SMOS, focuses on developing solutions to transform carbon emissions generated from bioprocesses (for example, fermentation) into different sustainable bioproducts: durable polymers, renewable biochemicals and biodegradable materials. The main objective of FRACTION is to provide a competitive concept of flexible lignocellulosic biorefinery to adapt and optimize the production process to a wide range of raw materials, for which it is intended, among other aspects, to validate the technology on a laboratory scale and initiate activities towards engineering processes such as recovery of GVL and reuse of lignocellulose flows. Finally, NEFERTITI, Funditec’s most recent incorporation, aims to develop an efficient photocatalytic (PC) process coupling, in a single device, with the simultaneous conversion of CO2 and H2O and the formation of C-C bonds.

These four projects funded by the European Commission are added to the three that were already underway since 2020 and 2019: NEMMO, NEWSKIN and ROBINSON. With these projects, Funditec works in the area of ​​advanced surface nanotechnologies, participating in the design and preparation of new coatings with antifouling properties based on elastomeric polyurethanes, in the validation of various sol-gel hybrid nano-coatings with high resistance to wear and anticorrosion developed in other European projects and will evaluate the barrier wear and anticorrosive properties of graphene and nanocarbon dispersions for water-based polyurethane. Furthermore, at ROBINSON Funditec will develop, configure and integrate a private blockchain network for interoperability, traceability and cybersecurity in EMS input data from different renewable energy plants and other sources. Además, las posibles anomalías en los datos de entrada serán analizadas en función de un algoritmo de aprendizaje automático antes que los datos se almacenen en la red Blockchain.