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Financial Framework: 7th Framework Programme
Overall Budget: 453,252.54€
Period: 2006 – 2007
Fields: Innovation Transfer, Public/Private collaboration, SMEs development, R + D, Regional development
Objectives: The SUPER-SME project aims to contribute to the objective of raising the intensity of research expenditure and activity of enterprises in the participating regions through a mix of activities. These objectives can be broken down as follows:
  • Increase the level of contract research contracts between regionally based laboratories and scientific institutes and regional SMEs.
    Increase the participation of regional SMEs to nationally funded R&D programmes and to the EU RTD Framework Programme
  • Contribute to the implementation and updating of specific regional research, technological development and innovation policies. This contribution took the form of detailed plans for specific measures to improve the effectiveness of S&T intermediation services;
  • Transfer of S&T intermediation methodology from each participating mentor’ regions to one of the ‘mentee’ regions
Target Groups: SME’s, Research Centres, Scientific Institutes, Public Administration Bodies, Business Development agents
  • Mapping S&T intermediation services and identifying gaps
  • Inter-regional workshop will then allow an exchange of views and discussions on the outcome of the mapping exercise
  • Peer review and mentoring actions to develop regional S&T intermediation networks
  • Publication of a blueprint guide providing guidance to policy makers in RTD matters
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