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In the final stretch of the Detecta project we want to transfer in a direct and close way, in interview format, the contributions made during the project by the members of the consortium.

This is a series of interviews in which Álvaro García, from CIDAUT; Tomás Castro, from AEI Ciberseguridad; Olga Chacel, from FACYL; José Félix Ovejero, from Industrias Maxi; and Alejandro Echeverría, from Funditec, have talked about aspects such as the advantages of the digital twin and the black box systems; the challenges faced by the project in the field of cybersecurity; the benefits of predictive maintenance for the automotive sector; or the role of artificial intelligence or its application in SMEs.

Interview Álvaro García, de CIDAUT

Interview Tomás Castro, de AEI Ciberseguridad

Interview Alejandro Echeverría, de Funditec

Interview Olga Chacel, de FACYL

Interview José Félix Ovejero, de Industrias Maxi

In addition, we make available to all interested parties the recording of the presentation of the project results held on April 21.

Detecta is a project supported by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.