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Financial Framework: INNO EMPRESA
Overall Budget: 281.820€
Period: 2008
Fields: Innovation, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Technology Development, Small and Medium Enterprises
Objectives: The DIAGINTEC project conducted a comprehensive computerised diagnostic of innovation and technology services among SMEs to be used as a basis for the development of strategic innovation plans among the former.The project developed mechanisms of support for SMEs in the definition of their innovation strategies and provided tools for the improvement of the firms’ competitive orientation. To this end, the project provided SMEs with a comprehensive assessment on technology innovation aimed at highlighting the firms’ weaknesses and strengths. From these analyses companies were supported in taking the necessary steps and in developing suitable innovation strategies. The SMEs that participated in the project received a complete assessment on their technology capacities and innovation performance and were provided with an innovation plan coherent with the companies’ nature and objectives
Target Groups: SMEs, Business Managers, Innovation Agents
  • Online evaluation of participant SME’s innovation systems
  • Identification of challenges and necessary system improvements.
  • Consultancy and coaching services for SME’s in the definition of innovation projects according to the identified strategic priorities.
  • Definition of individualised innovation plans for the participant SMEs.
  • Dissemination and Communication activities.