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Financial Framework: Leonardo da Vinci (Transfer of Innovation)
Overall Budget: 304.700€
Period: 2009-2011
Fields: Utilization and distribution of results, Lifelong learning, Higher education, Open and distance learning, Enterprise, SME, Continuous training Sectors Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities, Information and Communication, Education.
Objectives: The project aims to adapt to the Hungarian needs two IP-management courses (IP4INNO and SWAN) which were elaborated and used by leading European institutions. These customized courses, teaching materials, educators than shall be accessible for any Hungarian SMEs which will help them to exploit their intangible assets.
Target Groups: The INTASS project intends to fill this gap in Hungary by transferring 2 existing programmes addressed to innovation intermediaries, universities, SMEs and Big Industries (BIs) for developing awareness of the commercial value of IP and the appropriate skills for designing and implementing exploitation strategies for their business. The concerned programmes have been developed by EU15 partners summing up their experience and know how. The programmes will be used as base for tailoring training initiative in the transferee country in line with the regional context and actual needs. The project addresses directly: • Intermediary organizations • Training agencies • Research centers, universities; and indirectly: • Personnel of SMEs and BIs; • Researchers; • Inventors.
Activities: Tangible and intangible outcomes: • designing of 2 regional modular training programmes; • localization of information material on IPR issues addressed to intermediaries and SMEs/BIs; • provision and localization of teaching materials, tools and advice (training toolkit); • training the trainers for successfully run the programme; • pilot testing and regional curricula fine-tuning; • training programme mainstreamed.