Policy Making

FUNDITEC supports and collaborates with public administration, companies, technology and research institutes as well as universities in the fields of innovation policy development, cooperative projects and support to SMEs with the aim to promote technological innovation.

Territorial instruments

Promotion of innovation-support mechanisms by strengthening the role of business incubators and Science and Technology Parks and developing case-specific managerial tools; conducting research initiatives on funding instruments and networks; designing, monitoring and evaluation of innovation plans, etc.

Social Innovation

Design, monitoring and evaluation of measures aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the welfare state; development of R&D activities; promotion of Information and Communication Technologies as a moving force for economic development.

Awareness Raising

Professional training encouraging lifelong learning targeted at enterprises and public administrations. Improving SME’s innovation capacity in products and services through the application of creativity techniques, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation by providing professional business training and advisory services.

Business Innovation

Development and encouragement of a more sustainable economy, using innovation and R&D mechanisms, to foster environmental, RSC and gender-equality schemes, respond to energy and sustainable development needs and support standardisation initiatives.

Three Layer Activity


  • Design, monitoring and evaluation of regional plans
  • Promotion programs for enterprising spririt
  • Cluster strategies
  • Creation of companies and employment


  • Employment and training policies
  • Links between public, private and social organizations
  • Consensus among actors
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • R+D+I


  • Policy
  • Finance
  • Market
  • Infrastructure