Author: Gemma Garcia


Research on DLT technologies for prototyping a Platform for the interoperability of invoiced documents Objectives Research on DLT technologies for prototyping a Platform for the interoperability of invoiced documents: Data persistence – Digital Document Custody – Integrity – Interoperability – Non-repudiation General information Financial Framework: AEI CYBERSEGURITY 2022 Overall Budget: 391.394,00 € Period: 01/10/2022 – 30/06/2023 Fields: Support to Innovative Business Clusters Website: – Abstract The BlockFactu project aims to respond to the requirements of […]

Funditec, in collaboration with Carbon Waters, our NewSkin OITB partner, develop anti-corrosion graphene additives for polyurethane paints

NewSkin OITB partners Carbon Waters and FUNDITEC have been working in collaboration to develop graphene additives for both water and solvent-based polyurethane paints. The barrier properties of graphene make it possible to protect against corrosion more durably! The initial tests (Tafel and EIS) carried out show that polyurethane paints formulated with Carbon Waters additives, protect metals surfaces from corrosion for longer times than the reference topcoat. In addition, compared to other carbon additives such as […]

Threats and cyberattacks in 2022

This February 2022, the SIC magazine, specialized in cybersecurity management, information security and privacy, has launched an issue dedicated to the evolution of cyberattacks in 2022. Unfortunately, as Lorena Boix Alonso, Director of Digital Society, Confidence and Cybersecurity, comments, “attacks on critical infrastructures are expected to intensify, particularly on supply chains (in software) and via ransomware, with more diverse extortion methods.” In this way, cybersecurity protection has become key to the design of global policies. […]

Funditec works for Equality

FUNDITEC works, from the dynamism and proximity to promote and contribute innovation through talent, commitment, dynamism, confidentiality and always from the customer orientation. FUNDITEC is currently in a process of growth, and that is why we consider it important to carry out an analysis of the current situation in terms of equality and diversity, in accordance with the values ​​and culture of the organization, thus allowing the establishment of policies of equal opportunities and ensure […]

On the Day of Women and Girls in Science, FUNDITEC presents part of its team of scientific women who lead based on knowledge in the scientific and technological field

Madrid, 11th of February, 2022 – Today, February 11, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated. Proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations, advocating for equitable and equal access and participation in the scientific field, on this day the importance of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls is assumed. UNESCO and UN-Women lead this day showing the key role that women have to achieve the constant […]

FUNDITEC adds 4 new European projects, in addition to being responsible for the coordination of one of them

Madrid, 26th of July, 2021 – Funditec starts the second quarter of 2021 with the incorporation of four new projects with European financing to its portfolio. These are CO2SMOS, FRACTION, NEFERTITI, and, lastly, CATCO2NVERS, of which Funditec is also responsible for its coordination. It is the first time that the Madrid-based technology center leads a European project of this size and therefore represents a great achievement For these projects, Funditec collaborates with entities from all […]

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