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Novel lignocellulose fractionation process for high purity lignin, hemicellulose and cellulose valorisation into added value products Objectives The main objective of FRACTION is to validate in lab (TRL4), to start the activities towards TRL5 (engineering-problematic processes as GVL recovery and stream reutilization). To demonstrate the sustainable and techno-economic viability of a novel lignocellulose biorefinery scheme with the GVL-fractionation technology as its core, enabling to obtain of high purity lignin and hemicellulose streams while maintaining the […]


Smart integRation Of local energy sources and innovative storage for flexiBle, secure and cost-efficIent eNergy Supply ON industrialized islands Objectives Develop and validate a modular and flexible EMS integrating different energy vectors and local energy management systems depending on each islands’ needs Optimise, validate and integrate innovative technologies for energy and heat production as well as for long-term energy storage, using local renewable resources aiming to abandon usage of fossil fuels. Demonstrate the large-scale applicability […]


Innovation Eco-system to Accelerate the Industrial Uptake of Advanced Surface Nano-Technologies Objectives Setup and organization of a sustainable Open Innovation Test Beds and Innovation Ecosystem Engagement Upgrade 10 Pilot Plants for prototype manufacturing and industrial processes definition equipping inline quality control Upgrade of 9 test sites to evaluate the performance of nano-enabled products in operational environments Validation of the Open Innovation Test Beds value proposition and services provision. General information Financial Framework: Horizon 2020 Overall […]


Next Evolution in Materials and Models for Ocean Energy Objectives Design, model and test blade materials and prototypes Enable developers to significantly reduce both capital and operational costs Improve the yield and reliability of tidal turbines Advance the state-of-the-art of tidal turbine technology General information Financial Framework: Horizon 2020 Overall Budget: 4’981’007,50 € Period: 01/04/2019 – 30/09/2022 Fields: Low-cost, low-carbon energy supply Website: Abstract NEMMO will design, model and test downscaled prototypes of larger, […]


Friction Optimization of seals through advanced laser surface texturing of moulds Objectives Advanced modelling software for the identification of surface texture patterns Software for the design of mould tools Novel automated laser system Best practice for moulding and de-moulding Inline optical inspection for surface texture pattern quality control General information Financial Framework: Horizon 2020 Overall Budget: 5’133’871 € Period: 01/11/2017 – 30/04/2021 Fields: Technologies for Factories of the Future Website: Abstract Polymeric seals are […]


Nano-confined photonic system for detection of breast cancer spread to the lymph nodes Objectives Low cost compact and easy to use device that accurately detects and measures luminescent signals through light scattering body tissue. Need to break boundaries in specificity to target breast cancer tumours in SLN with specificity > 99%for micrometastes (0.2 mm). Achieving high resolution and sensitivity >95% for in vivo minimally invasive diagnosis within real time. Accurate measurement of dynamic cellular activity […]

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