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FUNDITEC suma 4 nuevos proyectos europeos, además de ser responsable de la coordinación de uno de ellos

Madrid, 26 de julio de 2021 – Funditec arranca el segundo trimestre del año 2021 con la incorporación de cuatro nuevos proyectos con financiación europea a su portafolio. Estos son CO2SMOS, FRACTION, NEFERTITI, y, por último, CATCO2NVERS, del cual Funditec es, además, responsable de su coordinación. Es la primera vez que el centro tecnológico con sede en Madrid lidera un proyecto europeo de estas dimensiones y por lo tanto supone un gran logro. Para estos […]


Innovative photocatalysts integrated in flow photoreactor systems for direct CO2 and H2O conversion into solar fuels. Objectives The main objective of NEFERTITI is to develop an efficient photocatalytic (PC) process coupling, in a single device with both the simultaneous conversion of CO2 and H2O and the formation of C-C bonds, requiring multi-site catalysis. This novel and challenging approach for PC conversion will rely on the combination of two connected PC flow reactors, enabling the formation […]


Advanced chemicals production from biogenic CO2 emissions for circular bio-based industries Objectives The CO2SMOS project will develop solutions to transform the carbon emissions generated from bioprocesses (e.g. fermentation) into different sustainable bioproducts: durable polymers, renewable biochemicals and biodegradable materials. With these compounds it is possible to produce greener end-products such as packaging, coatings, textiles and materials for biomedical applications. Demonstration of the technical, economic and environmental sustainability of the different CO2SMOS technologies and the design […]


Creating added-value chemicals from bio-industrial CO2 emissions using integrated catalytic technologies Objectives Developing and applying catalyst-based technologies for CO2 conversion to added-value chemicals. Design of an integrated process with zero or negative greenhouse gas Emissions. Validating technologies at TRL5 with industrial synthetic off-gases and providing sustainability and proofing socioeconomic and industrial feasibility. New business models and value chains in the CO2 utilisation sector. General information Financial Framework: Horizon 2020 Overall Budget: 6,641,110.75€ Period: 01/05/2021 – […]


Novel lignocellulose fractionation process for high purity lignin, hemicellulose and cellulose valorisation into added value products Objectives The main objective of FRACTION is to validate in lab (TRL4), to start the activities towards TRL5 (engineering-problematic processes as GVL recovery and stream reutilization). To demonstrate the sustainable and techno-economic viability of a novel lignocellulose biorefinery scheme with the GVL-fractionation technology as its core, enabling to obtain of high purity lignin and hemicellulose streams while maintaining the […]

FUNDITEC lidera el proyecto europeo CATCO2NVERS, para reducir los gases de efecto invernadero de las industrias de base biológica

· FUNDITEC lidera por primera vez un proyecto con financiación europea en el marco del programa de Investigación e Innovación Horizonte 2020 de la Unión Europea · CATCO2NVERS tiene por objetivo reducir los gases de efecto invernadero de las industrias DE BASE BIOLÓGICA Madrid, 28 de mayo de 2021 – Arranca CATCO2NVERS, un proyecto liderado por el centro tecnológico español FUNDITEC y financiado con 6,6 millones de euros en el marco del programa de investigación e […]