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Funditec Participates in NEMMO: Optimizing the Design and Performance of Tidal Turbine Blades

NEMMO (Next Evolution in Materials and Models for Ocean Energy) is a European project financed by the Horizon 2020 framework programme. The main objective is to improve the efficiency of floating tidal turbines that generate energy from tidal forces. To this end, the objective is to reduce costs by designing larger, lighter and more durable turbine blades to reach capacities of more than 2 MW. Funditec is one of the partners of the project consortium […]

Funditec Becomes Member of the Iberian Association of Photocatalysis (AIF)

Funditec is a new member of the Iberian Association of Photocatalysis (AIF). This association aims to pool and put in contact companies and research centers that provide photocatalytic construction materials, with the aim of implementing the concept of The Photocatalytics Island within the large polluted cities. The main objectives are to enumerate the different trades linked to photocatalysis and list the existing or potential applications of photocatalysis, prepare a professional manual, determinate recommendations and control […]


Innovation Eco-system to Accelerate the Industrial Uptake of Advanced Surface Nano-Technologies Objectives Setup and organization of a sustainable Open Innovation Test Beds and Innovation Ecosystem Engagement Upgrade 10 Pilot Plants for prototype manufacturing and industrial processes definition equipping inline quality control Upgrade of 9 test sites to evaluate the performance of nano-enabled products in operational environments Validation of the Open Innovation Test Beds value proposition and services provision. General information Financial Framework: Horizon 2020 Overall […]

Funditec Participates in Sustainable Innovations Europe Workshop at IE Business School

On the 21st of October, IE Business School organizes a workshop entitled Sustainable Innovations Europe. During this event, Lara Valentin, PhD, from Funditec will present innovative solutions in the field of sustainability. Sustainable Innovations Europe at the invitation of IE Business School Green Week, organizes a dynamic workshop joining representatives from six different sectors of the economy: SMEs, large industries, research institutions, NGOs, universities and public entities. Each of these representatives will bring up a […]

SaltGae in the news! Euronews programme Futuris visits our facilities

The Euronews programme Futuris came to visit the facilities used for the SaltGae project to understand the potential of this technology. Researchers for the European ‘Saltgae’ project are demonstrating how algae can cut the costs of treating polluted water – and do it in a sustainable way. The process is as old as life on earth. But scientists believe that photosynthesis, where plants use carbon dioxide, water and light to make their own food, is […]

SaltGae project launches its Stakeholder platform

The Stakeholder Platform is an innovative tool for the mobilization and networking of stakeholders from all the different sectors related to wastewater, and for the dissemination of results with the aim of promoting paradigm shift in perception from ‘wastewater treatment’ to ‘resource valorisation’ Go to the SaltGae Stakeholder Platform! The main expected impacts are: Strengthening the competitiveness and growth of companies by developing innovations meeting the needs of European and global markets Contribution to the […]