Expertise in Project Management

Thanks to an extensive track record in terms of collaborative research projects (more than 60 projects in total), Funditec has a strong experience in project management. Funditec projects unit covers the financial and administrative management of large and complex research projects financed under various framework programmes such as Horizon 2020, ENPI, FP7, IEE, Erasmus+, and INTERREG among others.
The unit takes care of the preparation, presentation, review and negotiation of proposals including the grant agreement preparation, management and project reporting and justification, might it be as a partner or as a coordinator. 

Most Relevant Projects

TRAINING FOR INTANGIBLE ASSETS EXPLOITATION Financial Framework: Leonardo da Vinci (Transfer of Innovation) Overall Budget: 304.700€ Period: 2009-2011 Fields: Utilization and distribution of results, Lifelong learning, Higher education, Open and distance learning, Enterprise, SME, Continuous training Sectors Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities, Information and Communication, Education. Objectives: The project aims to adapt to the Hungarian needs […]
Technology-based Environmental Enterprises Market Approach Financial Framework: INTERREG 4B (MED) Overall Budget: 1,2€ Million Period: 2010-2012 Fields: Valorisation; promotion of the use of environmental technologies; internationalization; regional support schemes; internationalization; technology transfer; SMEs. Objectives: Encouraging Environmental Technology based SMEs (ET-SMEs) to surpass the regional dimension and develop international activities. Internationalisation of ET-SMEs TEMA will result […]
Strategic Hubs for the Analysis and Acceleration of the Mediterranean Solar Sector Financial Framework: ENPI Overall Budget: 3.200.344 € Period: 2013-2015 Fields: Strategic Hub, Analysis and Acceleration of the Solar Sector, Mediterranean region, Promote solar energy Objectives: SHAAMS project aims at creating a Strategic Hub for the Analysis and Acceleration of the Solar Sector in Mediterranean […]
The Green MED Initiative Financial Framework: ENPI Overall Budget: 4.126.873 € Period: 2014-2016 Fields: Valorisation; Environmental responsibility, Sustainability, Mediterranean Bassin, Innovative Technologies Objectives: The main objective of the GMI project is to develop an integrated and environmentally sound waste management system, ensuring treatment and recycling, through exploitation of innovative technologies and sustainable methods for waste […]
EDU-CODE: Fostering Coding Education in Europe Financial Framework: Erasmus+ Overall Budget: n.a. Period: 2015-2017 Fields: Education, Informal Training, Coding, Capacity Building, Training Platform, Adults Education Objectives: Enhance the understanding of a hype-connected world and environment through increased knowledge of software and coding; Empower people by increasing their capacity to solve problems, work in teams and […]
Network of Creative Living Labs in the SUDOE area Financial Framework: INTERREG SUDOE Overall Budget: n.a. Period: 2013-2014 Fields: Industries, Living Lab, Financing, Network, Capacity Building Objectives: The CreaLab project focuses on the creation and revitalization of a Transnational Cooperation Network in the SUDOE Space, with a focus on the creative sector and its relationship […]
SUPER – SME SUPPORTING POTENTIAL AND EXISTING RESEARCH INTENSIVE SME’S Financial Framework: 7th Framework Programme Overall Budget: 453,252.54€ Period: 2006 – 2007 Fields: Innovation Transfer, Public/Private collaboration, SMEs development, R + D, Regional development Objectives: The SUPER-SME project aims to contribute to the objective of raising the intensity of research expenditure and activity of enterprises […]
E-TEAMS INTERREGIONAL ENTREPRENEURIAL TEAMS Financial Framework: INTERREG IIIC Overall Budget: 1,239,590.00€ Period: 2004-2007 Fields: Inter-regional Cooperation, Policy development; SMES; Cooperative activities. Objectives: Funditec worked in the European project Interregional Entrepreneurial Teams (E-Teams), conducted between September 2004 and October 2007, and the participating universities, companies and public institutions from 9 different countries, that wanted to exchange […]
Intellectual Property for Innovation Financial Framework: PRO INNO Overall Budget: 3.995.788 # Period: 2007-2008 Fields: Intellectual Property; SMEs; IP Exploitation; Enforcement; SMEs; Training; Policy Analysis. Objectives: The main aim of ip4inno is to increase understanding and usage of intellectual property (IP) by SMEs , with a view to increasing innovation and competitiveness in line with the […]
VIRTUAL PRE-INCUBATOR ACCELERATOR Financial Framework: Leonardo da Vinci (Transfer of Innovation) Overall Budget: Period: 2008-2010 Fields: Entrepreneurship, Business Incubation, Business Development, Multimedia Training Materials Objectives: In continuation to the successfully completed project Virtual Pre-Incubator Accelerator (ViPiA), ViPiA II aims to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation through the provision of professional business training and advisory services for students, […]
CREATIN Financial Framework: Leonardo da Vinci (Transfer of Innovation) Overall Budget: 382.000€ Period: 2008-2010 Fields: Idea generation selection and implementation, Creativity, Systematic Innovation, Business Management, Entrepreneurship; Training; third sector and Innovation Intermediaries Objectives: The CREATIN project is aimed at improving the capacity for innovation in products and services of European SMEs through the application of creativity […]
MNEMOSYNE Financial Framework: INTERREG IVC Subproject Overall Budget: 438.640 € Period: 2010-2011 Fields: Social Innovation; Health; Ageing Population; ICT; Multimedia online Training Materials Objectives: The Mnemosyne project is conceived to design an online-based platform of health and social care services for individuals with dementia syndrome and Alzheimer, and their relatives. Main objectives To design an efficient […]
SMEs AND COOPERATIVE ECONOMY FOR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT Financial Framework: INTERREG 4B (MED) Overall Budget: 1,8€ Million Period: 2010-2012 Fields: Social Innovation; Enterprise promotion; Cooperatives; Tourism; fisheries; Cluster Development Objectives: The main project objectives are to strengthen the potential of innovation of the cooperative enterprises in fishery, agriculture, tourism and environmental sectors and to promote them on […]
ASESTIC – ASISENCIA ESPECIALIZADA EN PYMES TIC Financial Framework: Programa AVANZA Overall Budget: 249.562€ Period: 2009-2010 Fields: ICT, Business Management, Small and Medium Enterprises Development, Innovation, Objectives: ASESTIC was one of the first projects in Spain designed to enhance the implementation of ICT solutions among SMEs by means of the development of an innovative information […]
LOGIC IMPLANT – Technology-based improvement of SMEs logistics Financial Framework: CECOT Overall Budget: 141.000€ Period: 2006 – 2007 Fields: Business Management, Technology Development, SMEs Competitiveness, Textile Sector Objectives: LOGIC IMPLANT was conceived out of the need identified by textile companies to streamline their production processes in order to increase their competitiveness in the global market. To […]
BIA PYME – BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE FOR SMEs Financial Framework: INNO EMPRESA Overall Budget: 182.000€ Period: 2006-2007 Fields: Business Management, Innovation, Risk Management, SMEs, Competitiveness, Market Intelligence, Textile Sector Objectives: The BIA-SME project was conceived to help SMEs to optimise their decision-making processes, both in terms of time and results. The project developed a process aimed to […]
DIAGINTEC INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY Financial Framework: INNO EMPRESA Overall Budget: 281.820€ Period: 2008 Fields: Innovation, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Technology Development, Small and Medium Enterprises Objectives: The DIAGINTEC project conducted a comprehensive computerised diagnostic of innovation and technology services among SMEs to be used as a basis for the development of strategic innovation plans among the […]
RESSORT: The Spring to Social Responsibility Financial Framework: EQUAL Overall Budget: 1,7€ Million Period: 2005-2008 Fields: Corporate Social Responsibility; Dissemination; Training Objectives: In the framework of the EQUAL Community Initiative, the Provincial of Barcelona, in collaboration with various stakeholders in the province of Barcelona (trade unions, business associations, municipalities, employers, regional councils, etc.) RESSORT undertook the […]
InnoCamaras Financial Framework: ERDF Overall Budget: n.a. Period: 2009-2012 Fields: SMES; Innovation analysis; Value Chain Analysis; Product Development; Service development; Technology Valorization; prototyping Objectives: Contribute to improving the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises through the adoption of a culture for continuous innovation to achieve sustained economic growth. Develop a methodology that offers employers a […]