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sudoe Promotion and integration of strategies and actions on
social responsibility (CSR) in Southeast European SMEs
DATES 2006 - 2008
OVERALL BUDGET 587.684,91€


PrismaThe European project PRISMA, financed within the INTERREG SUDOE programme, was aimed at the integration of Social Corporate Responsibility values within the strategic framework of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Southwest of Europe.

Funditec, as a project collaborator in the region of Catalonia, took part, together with the rest of European partners, in a multiregional study of SCR perceptions in the participant regions as well as in the identification of relevant best managerial practices.

This study was aimed at the promotion of active policies and awareness raising activities in the region on SCR benefits for firms competitiveness. At the same time, Funditec collaborated in the development of a tool gathering regional procedures and initiatives related to Social Corporate Responsibility. Throughout the project Funditec accompanied to more than 15 companies in the region of Catalonia.

Target Group
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Business Development Agents

  • Publicize and disseminate the Southeast European SMEs the benefits associated with adoption of CSR approach in business management.
  • Develop a Pilot Model and implement CSR in a sample of SMEs.
  • Promote and support the implementation of specific CSR content in the participating SMEs.
  • Train staff in SMEs and sponsoring agencies, that he has the ability to control processes of implementing a CSR approach.

Social Corporate Responsibility, SMEs Development, Business Management, SMEs competitiveness support, Social Innovation

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