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Leonardo da Vinci CREATIN
LEONARDO DA VINCI I PROGRAMME (Transfer of Innovation)
DATES 2008 - 2010


CreatinThe CREATIN project is aimed at improving the capacity for innovation in products and services of European SMEs through the application of creativity techniques, creating a methodology for continuous learning for the human resources of the centers and organizations for SMEs support, and the human resources of the SMEs, giving them the skills and abilities to integrate and apply these techniques to the innovation in products and services. Focus will be on those human resources in support organizations that give direct services to the SMEs in the area of innovation (innovation agents) and the human resources of the SMEs dedicated to research, development and innovation (innovation managers).

Target Group
  • Business managers
  • SMEs Human Resources Departments
  • Innovation Agents
  • Innovation Managers

  • Identification of creativity needs and shortcomings in the regions entrepreneurial environment
  • Development of a self-learning system, available online, integrating materials and contents concerning information, knowledge and training in the field of product and services innovation
  • Development of awareness raising and dissemination activities among the relevant agents (SMEs and Public Institutions)


Idea generation selection and implementation, Creativity, Systematic Innovation, Business Management, Entrepreneurship; Training; third sector and Innovation Intermediaries

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