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europeanunion INNOCAMARAS
Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona
DATES 2009 - 2012


InnocamarasContribute to improving the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises through the adoption of a culture for continuous innovation to achieve sustained economic growth.
Specific objectives:
  • Develop a methodology that offers employers a number of ways to adopt a sensible and positive attitude to innovation.
  • Support small and medium enterprises in developing solutions to implement a culture of innovation.
  • Encourage business networking to promote the dissemination of knowledge and best practices.
  • Encourage the transfer of technology and knowledge from agencies and public and private institutions to small and medium enterprises.

Target Group

Phase I: Diagnosis Aided Innovation (RTI)
This phase includes an assisted diagnostic system that allows to know the layout and location of the competitiveness of the target company or a small group of SMEs with similar characteristics in their economic environment and market. This diagnosis, after analyzing the possibilities for innovation in each of the links in the value chain, provides a few lines of recommendation on the key aspects in the target company's competitiveness, in which the development of innovative activities can contribute effectively to achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

Phase II: Plan for Innovation
Addressees the implementation of the recommendations and investment alternatives innovation identified in the diagnostic phase


SMES, Innovation analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Product Development, Service development, Technology Valorization, Prototyping

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